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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

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I don't remember exactly what brought them about, but I was already starting to feel that way about NF before BMB came out.
On a personal note, I love New Frontier but it saddens me to no end that "Blind Man's Bluff" is the seeming end of NF both for contractual and personal reasons. It's such a....depressing place to end the series.

Then again, I'm a Xyon/Kallinda fan.

Yeah, despite everything I've said, I am still an NF fan and I would love to get one last book to tie everything up in a nice little bow. I really think the series deserves that much at least since it is pretty much responsible for the existence of most of the Trek Lit we get today. If the series hadn't been a success we probably wouldn't have gotten any more series not set during one of the series.
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