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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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No, that's the result of the real event. "Replicating the result" means replicating what the myth claimed would happen, and figuring out what it would really take to achieve that outcome. Here, the myth was not that the guy tried to make a parachute; that's simply a fact. The myth was what the guy believed: that by making a parachute and jumping out the 20th-story window, he could escape the police. That's the "result" in Mythbusters terms: the outcome he believed would result if he did a certain thing.
Again, the 3-hour limit has nothing to do with the myth. The myth was based on a real, verifiable event and in that real, verifiable event, no parachute was made and used in three hours. It was not a part of the myth, unless "Mythbusters themselves making shit up randomly and then trying to pass it off as an accurate part of the myth" counts as a myth.

And no, it wasn't even a part of the myth they presented. The myth (actually, it's not even a myth, but whatever) they presented included the fact that he was interrupted in creating the parachute after only three hours. Which makes this an even bigger bullshit parameter because they literally added the completely and utterly inaccurate detail just a few minutes after saying so.
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