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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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TMP has a HUGE plot hole. A near-god-like living machine, which can digitize entire worlds and star systems and created a near-perfect android duplicate of Illia, never thought to wipe the muck off it's name plate?
That is not a plot hole, as the nameplate muck does not challenge story credibility. Yours is just a complaint.
It completey destroys story credibility. What does it call itself? It's name is VOYAGER, it reads V___GER and just compacts what's left into a name? It clearly understands the English language, knows there is a gap, is smart enough to understand why that part of it's nameplate is obscured in a way that could be easily remedied, yet fudges it's name for the sole purpose of a big reveal at the end of the movie. No other reason, no in-universe justification.
Wrath of Khan's entire "two dimensional thinking" thing made zero sense, especially if Khan is the genius he's repeatedly said to be.
Being a genius does not make one a master of space battle strategy. Kirk had decades of experience kicking butt in all manner of methods. That allowed to him to see options where Khan only saw wound+hunt=death.
Khan was aware of how to fly a starship since "Space Seed", we saw him flying the Reliant solo at the end of the movie. It's in no way plausible that anyone without learning difficulties would mistake space for some Space Invaders-like 2D realm.

Add to that the intelligence-insulting "code" used earlier in the movie - "hours will seem like days"
When was the last time Starfleet was in the area--or paid attention to every natural event? From "Space Seed," we get the impression the system is remote, hence the reason Kirk used it as the location to deposit Khan and his followers.
If Ceti Alpha VI isn't there anymore, how did the Reliant ever mistake Ceti Alpha V for it? Did they somehow mis-count planets when they entered the system and set a course? It makes no sense.
Magical? We have no idea how a terraforming technology will operate in the late 23rd century, so the Genesis device falls under the description of projection, if anything.
If you want to believe the Genesis Device is plausible science fiction, let alone plausible within the framework of Star Trek's technology, go right ahead.
According to..? No one ever said ST was mysticism or religion free, and since Vulcan is an alien culture, you have no position on which to claim there's anything out of the norm for the ST concept.

Not a plot hole in the least.
So why does Sarek want Spock's body brought to Vulcan when he meets with Kirk in his appartment, before Spock's torpedo tube is located intact on the Genesis surface? The real-world reason is that the Grissom scene was originally to open the movie, but was moved further back, giving the impression Sarek somehow knew Spock would be reborn there.
All organic material--the planet, and anything "born" on it was aging rapidly--like the planet.

Again, not a plot hole.
Yet they just happened to pick up Spock and leave when he was the correct age? Thats a big part of the movie hinging on a big happy coincidence.

And how exactly did Genesis turn a corpse into a young child?
Also, Excelsior spluttering to a halt totally ignoring the laws of physics.
You're kidding--right? This is Star Trek, not NOVA. This is the same ST where never-gonna-happen transporters, warp drive, space stations the size of a small town exist. It is sci-fi, not a physics instruction manual.

Again, no plot hole.
No, but an example of Trek veering into cartoon land.
Bored now. But there are more. Lots more. And people like to pretend JJ Abrams' Treks invented plot holes. LOL!

(and I love the old movies too!)
You say you love the old movies, but you capped off your argument with a protective post about the assbrained nuTrek films, which are to classic ST what the Star Wars prequels were to the original trilogy: a CG final exam with no heart, or much sense.
That's warm, cozy nostalgia talking.
Star Trek Imponderables, fun mashups of Trek's biggest continuity errors! Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3

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