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Re: What stories from history would you like to see made into movies?

I like the song in that video, Owain Taggart. Powerful, resonant, emotional. Very honest. There's a great oral history in Galveston passed down about the storm. The story of what happened at that orphanage is beyond tragic. All the nuns and every single one of the children save three dead.

Drowning is so horrific. The nuns thought they were doing the right thing tying every one together with rope, but it was the instrument of their death when the building collapsed. One child went down and the rope pulled everyone else under water. The only reason the three survived was that the nuns had run out of rope. They miraculously were washed into a tree and held on for dear life for hours. In the pitch dark. Listening to the screams that the town's survivors said could be heard all night through the howling winds until they finally stopped. It's too horrific to contemplate. People don't like to see children dying en masse.

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