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Re: concept art and set photos!

Well, for me, I think there is a difference between what Pixar does and what the people for the Star Trek films do. People at Pixar for their latest film, Brave, went to Scotland and studied the architecture of castles. I get the feeling that the people involved in these ST filmes didn't study the architecture of ships. I am looking at the pictures of the interior of bridges, especially warships, and those bridges are not overwhelmingly white. They are lit enough for the people to work in and for them to read the consoles. And, i feel there is a disconnect between the futuristic look of the bridge, sickbay, and corridors and the engineering sets. They feel to me like two different worlds - I don't see the transition between the two.

From having watched documentaries on ships, I know that if you are going to have pipes in engineering that you going to have pipes in other parts of the ships. (Just to cite one example.) if the designers had taken some of the design ideas from TOS, such as piping in the corridors, and exposed machinery, than I might buy the idea that engineering looks like a throwback to a 20th century facility.
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