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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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I guess he said it more from a sales point of view for the book itself ("This is canon! Buy it!") rather than a point of view that lets make all the licensed products fall in line with it - and really, at the end of the day, when you get down to the nitty gritty details of Star Trek, the individual fan decides what canon is, since there's NO WAY to logically resolve the inconsistencies in even the filmed adventures (to wit, Kirk and spock have VERY CLEARLY never even heard of the idea of an invisible ship in "Balance of Terror," yet Archer encounters one on his first day on the job - and that's just one example). I did my best to write my book so that it didn't contradict anything that would bug me as a fan, but I made decisions (as I'm sure you did in your work, which I will now read) that people might have an argument with since it isn't the decision they would make.
I hope you like my version. I haven't had the opportunity to get my hands on yours yet -- it's kinda pricey -- but I'm curious to see how you've approached it.

And since you actually worked on the show, it's fair to say that your book is closer to being canonical than mine... although canon isn't horseshoes or hand grenades, so closeness doesn't really count. Maybe that's what the sales people meant -- that it's the work of someone who contributed to the canon.

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I don't mind the continuity arguements. Heck, you can have Tholians have different looks. Spiders, floating crystals. the TNG comics had them as bipeds.
Oh, yeah, that. I always thought that was the least imaginative take on Tholian bodies I'd ever seen, and was kind of silly-looking. Although the Worlds of the Federation version where they're just floating rhomboidal crystals with, I guess, telekinetic powers was pretty hard to swallow.

The novel The Lost Years: Recovery had an interesting take: that the Tholians were actually more fleshy and organic and that the "face" we saw in the episode was just a helmet.
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