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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Stayed up later than I should to finish out Before Dishonor. I'm a little conflicted on it. I ended up liking it, but there's some weirdness throughout. Some people who I haven't been caring for in the past two TNG novels really end up being pretty unlikable by the end of this book and I'm curious about why they're still around. However, I think the biggest issue I have is that the book sort of just ends. Sure the plot's resolved but a lot of things seem unfinished or left open for no real reason. Even the climax feels rushed. Not bad just very muddled.

Also quickly read through Doctor Who: Tip of the Tongue. Probably the shortest of the 50th Anniversary eBooks so far and the one I was most disappointed with. Davison's Doctor seems a background character for much of the story and never really gets a chance to be The Doctor. Not bad, just odd.

Now I'm onto Titan: Sword of Damocles. Quick Question Though: The Short story "Revenant" from Seven Deadly Sins, should I read that before or after Greater than the Sum?
I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter when you read "Revenant". As far as I remember there is no real connection between it and other stories. The only reason it was set where it was was so it could involve the Borg at the latest point in the timeline possible.
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