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Re: Model Painting tip request

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Edub I do plan on a test run on an plastic.

Patrickivan I was planning on light coats. Do you think a primer coat on ships this small would be a good idea?

137th, as I stated before, I like your ships.

The U.S.S. Richthofen is pretty original, both in design and color. Interesting you used a TOS saucer with a TMP nacelle. Federation ships in other than traditional colors are interesting to me, too. After looking at my thrashed Enterprise A (the larger AMT Star Trek IV version) from when I was in junior high years later (this was circa late 90s) I once pondered what a refit Constitution class would look like in Romulan Warbird colors. I tried but didn't work out so well.
Yes- primer will be fine- but again- don't cheap out on it. I buy a very fine Tamiya primer, but it's pricey. Works very well on my small parts without hiding detail. Keep it light and don't bother with multiple coats. I find anyway.

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I've had Testor's metallic paints have different results. I think it can tend to have weird not-drying effects if it's not mixed up so well. Any time I'm using a metallic spray paint, I shake it up for a full minute... yes, it seems like a really long time. During that minute, I'll run warm tap water over the can periodically and shake it more. Do this three or four times to make sure the whole volume of paint in the can is a consistent warm temperature. The warmth helps it flow well. The shaking helps it mix well. Metallic paints tend to separate much more than regular colors and that can really muck up your final results. Also the kind of plastic you're spraying on can effect the results, but you're good with the styrene these models are made of.

Good point about the metallic paints separating, Alex... I did a test run of various colours to use as a base for my 1/350 E, (Primer/ metallic/ Pearl white/ decals)... Anyway- I forgot to give a good shake and the separation is bad. Plus one without primer and I got bad adhesion and separation as well...

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Where do you live? What's the weather like there? Reason I ask is that ideally, you want to spray paint out doors when the weather is around 70 degrees or so. Outdoors for air circulation, temperature for better paint flow.

Also, when spraying, start "off" the subject, spray in a smooth motion all the way past it and finish "off" the subject. You don't want to start or stop the spray "on" the object you're painting. And as mentioned earlier, multiple light coats are better than one thick one. Build it up, go over it a few times from different angles and positions.
70 degrees?! WTH is that in Canadian? Oh who am I kidding, I was brought up on both imperial/US and metric here... I got it...

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