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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

Transwarp uses corridors and was used extensively by the Borg from TNG onwards and retrofitted into the USS Voyager (STV) and USS Monitor (Shatner books).

Whatever the Vengeance is using it is obviously very fast indeed, though calling it true Transwarp is not possible as it uses a completely different principle and would mean that the NuEnterprise was using it as well which we know is not the case.

The warp speeds used in the new films are very fast but not Transwarp speed which is so fast it is used for crossing quadrants and ships using it travel in a completely different way (transwarp corridors), if the NuEntperprise was using even an advanced type of warp speed and the Vengeance was using true Transwarp they would not have met unless the Vengeance dropped out of Transwarp on top of the Enterprise which did not seem to be the case from the footage in the film.

Whatever new type of Warp the Vengeance used I am hoping that they spent the year between the Vengeance crash and rechristening retrofitting the NuEnterprise with it.
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