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Re: STID. The Roads...

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...were one of the things I found interesting in the movie. It must be the only time(?) we see street level action on Earth in this time period. I'm ready to be proved wrong in many ways there.

Anyways, there seemed to be metal strips running along the road from what I remember. I took it as a way that cars can drive themselves using these special roads if the driver wasn't interested in doing it themselves.

Maybe there's more detail out there I could look up?
I think the only actual metal-looking strip was along the side of the road for the trolley car line. There were also some slightly futuristic-styled crosswalk markings, but otherwise the street seemed fairly conventional. That doesn't mean it couldn't have technology embedded beneath it though.

Besides, I would hope two hundred and fifty years in the future they wouldn't have less advanced driverless technology than the Google driverless cars that are being authorized for testing on public roads today.

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