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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

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Sisko told Worf to... do whatever it takes. Come on... what do you expect him to do? Previously both Picard -and- Sisko had reprimanded Worf for putting his Klingon culture over his behavior as a Starfleet officer... so you can't have it both ways. If Sisko can reprimand Worf for trying to kill his brother at his own request... he can't go back on that and say oh.. well do your Klingon thing now and kill Gowron. Not without being hypocritical anyways... but hey, war brings out the worst in people.
I always hated how Sisko reacted and reprimanded Worf for his attempt to kill Kurn in that ritual suicide. Sisko: Mr. Religious Tolerance for the religiously intolerant Bajorans, has a problem with other people expressing their faith. Hypocrite. Riker was willing to kill Worf when Worf thought he would be paralyzed for life. Riker was conflicted about it but they were friends so he would honor his friend's last right.

The Gowron thing just kind of happened and Sisko probably didn't intend for Worf to kill him. Hell had Worf embraced the role as ruler of the empire. Sisko would've really been thrown for a loop.
I don't think Sisko was a hypocrite. Bear in mind that although he was a religious figure, he was also captain of a Federation-controlled space station. Allowing Worf to carry out a suicide ritual is akin to opening Pandora's box. If Sisko allows one officer to indulge in such a violent display of his faith, where does he draw the line when someone else chooses to take a similar action? Consider what happened later that same year aboard DS9. A Bajoran vedek killed an innocent man because his family name was supposedly "unclean." Are you advocating Sisko allowing such behavior to continue unchecked?

What I never understood about "Sons of Mogh" was why Worf didn't request a leave of absence and take Kurn away from the station before performing the ritual. If he had carried out the suicide on a neutral planet- with no ties to either the Federation or the Klingon Empire, it's likely the entire mess would have been avoided. I suppose it's possible Worf couldn't be spared, as Kira was away from the station at the episode's outset, and Commander Eddington was said to have been on shore leave in a recent episode ("Crossfire"), so his taking personal time would have been impossible.
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