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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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If Moffat is thinking of making the next Doctor announcement at San Diego Comic-Con (which isn't out of the question -- it's six weeks away and people have said we'll find out "next month"), I hope his BBC higher-ups would smack him down.

It would be an announcement to the wrong market in the wrong venue to the wrong people. Doctor Who is a BBC program for the mainstream British audience; nerd culture Americans shouldn't be the first to get the news of the next Doctor because they are not the program's target audience. San Diego is not in Britain . And the crowd at San Diego is not the British press. Moffat and the program would be torn up alive in the British press if they made an announcement of that scale at SDCC. And British fandom would feel like they were being slighted, ignored, taken for granted; I've seen enough grinding and gnashing of teeth over the Doctor Who Revisited series on BBC America.

It would be a toxic situation. There are no benefits to Moffat from making an SDCC announcement.
There is no way they can keep something like this a secret for six weeks. What I can see is the actor playing the 12th Doctor making an appearance at SDCC as his introduction to America.
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