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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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TMP has a HUGE plot hole. A near-god-like living machine, which can digitize entire worlds and star systems and created a near-perfect android duplicate of Illia, never thought to wipe the muck off it's name plate?
Why would it ?
Well, evidently, it was using the Ilia Probe as a text-to-speech synthesizer, to vocalize the letters it sees on itself. But why would it do that? How would it even know that the marks on its surface were letters to be read in the first place, much less that those letters would designate its own name?

Knowing that there are letters designating a name, and knowing what the muck was, which it's hardly a stretch to assume (certainly Ilia would have known), one would know that maybe there was something to see by wiping the muck off. V'Ger was programmed to learn all that could be learned, so it would have realized the possibility of there being something to see under the muck, which the Ilia Probe would also be able to vocalize.

I'm totally with King Daniel Into Darkness on this one. I noticed it on first viewing.
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