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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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But if you do, I'd like to point out something: In both films, with the exception of Gatt's character, the only non-main cast that ever spoke on the Enterprise bridge were women. I don't recall a bridge guy ever speaking.
I do. And it wasn't just a word or two. There's a bald guy in a blue shirt standing at one of the stations that I can swear has a conversation with Spock or someone.
Re-read the part you put in bold. "With the exception of GATT" is the bald blue shirted guy. No need for a contradictory statement in this case.
Tosk wrote: View Post
^Huh? Yellow said that Gatt is the only male non-main cast member who spoke on the bridge. The sentence seems fine to me.
He's not talking to YellowSubmarine about the contradictory statement. He's talking to Spock/Uhura Fan, who was disagreeing with YellowSubmarine about there being no male non-main characters speaking on the bridge, because she saw a bald guy with a blue shirt speaking. Except that YellowSubmarine had already mentioned the Gatt character (who was the bald guy with blue shirt she was unknowingly referring to) as an exception to his remark about male non-main characters not speaking on the bridge.

Does that clear things up?
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