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Re: What stories from history would you like to see made into movies?

Film & TV histories of WWII tend to leave out what my Dad did - he was a P-47 pilot with the 7th Air Force during its island hopping campaign across the Pacific, starting out as an alert fighter pilot on Hawaii, where he shot down a couple of Japanese balloon bombs; flying strike missions in the Marianas based on Saipan, with Japanese troops still holding out on the island; then on to Ie Shima & Okinawa where he flew long-range fighter-bomber strikes against Japan itself. Dad was in the air over Japan when the Nagasaki bomb went off and saw the flash and mushroom cloud. Because of their advance basing, his unit saw lots of ground fighting in addition to their combat flying. He ended the war with 9 Japanese planes shot down, and a few Japanese soldiers killed in ground combat. I would sure love to see a movie about the 318th fighter group's adventures and ordeals in WWII.
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