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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Also, players assumed that there will be a lot more tie-ins with the show itself and were greatly disappointed when only half the episodes had tie-ins with the show and the tie-ins were a measly 5-minute "find data recorders" type missions.
That wasn't really a reasonable thing to expect, though. There's only going to be limited overlap between the game's audience and the show's audience; the whole point of doing a franchise in more than one medium is to draw in two distinct, if overlapping, audiences and thus get a bigger total audience base. So a lot of people who play the game won't watch the show, and a lot of people who watch the show won't play the game. Therefore both the show and the game have to be able to stand alone to be comprehensible to those who don't follow both. Not to mention that the needs of a story and the needs of a game are very different. Stories have to follow a certain logic of plot and character, cause and effect, and modern TV series are expected to have strong continuity and coherent season-long arcs. So there was no way the writing on the show could actually have been influenced or changed by events in the game, since that would've made the storytelling too random.

So really, it was misleading for the game's advertising to claim that the players' actions in the game would influence the show. The best they ever could've done was to give the illusion of influence, by having the players act out a scenario leading to a result that the show's writers had already dictated (like the opening game sequence where you play a mission to acquire a crystal and then have Nolan steal it in a cut scene because he has it at the start of the pilot). Or to have characters who've already played their part on the show, like Rynn, become characters in the game.
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