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Re: Whom Gods Destroy---It's a Bargain!

Sorry, Scot. It's a great line.

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My problem with WGD is that it's concerned with psychiatry, without criticising it as DotM did. It appropriated the chair from DotM, then did a sort of comment-free story on a disturbed former commander, without questioning the advisability or feasability of trying to "cure" people with such a ham-fisted, simplistic sort of device.
To this day, psychiatry is still in its scientific infancy, unable to properly define diseases except as bundles of symptoms, unable to distinguish causes from effects with any certainty, and incapable of explaining the underlying mechanisms of the brain. So I'd say that anything TOS tried to say about psychiatry, however common-sensical it seemed at the time, would be dialog in grave danger of becoming outdated.

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Still, even faulty season 3 Trek is well worth watching, and a special thing to be treasured.
Depending on who else is in the living room, some S3 episodes can also be quite embarrassing. WGD is one I prefer to see alone. And it's not the worst by far.
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