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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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(And, if we want a real clusterfuck, we can do one of Shatner's books next.)
Oh man! I remember reading Star Trek Memories and thinking it was all very familiar... then I re-read 'The Making of Star Trek' by Whitfield/Roddenberry and I realised Shatner had basically paraphrased every incident mentioned in that book. He added his own spin to it (putting himself front and center in the "bicycle gag" on Leonard Nimoy for example), but some parts of the book read almost like word-for-word recitations of 'The Making Of...', it was just unreal.

Movie Memories IMO came across a lot more strongly for the fact that Shatner (or ghost writer Chris Kreski) at least took the time to leave their house and research things a bit. Interview more people and get different perspectives on events. It was a much more credible book, although scenes like the one of a perplexed Shatner experiencing phantasmagoria while visiting Gene Roddenberry's office in the mid-1970s still reek of pure fiction on his part.
Both Memories and Movie Memories contain extensive passages from direct interviews with the people involved. However, I've always found the interview passages in Memories to be a bit odd.

In Movie Memories, all of the interviewees refer to Shatner in the second person. They say things like "then you and I went to see Roddenberry," or "I remember meeting with you and...," etc. But in Memories they all speak of Shatner in the third person, like "Bill was on the set one day" or "that's just how Bill is," as though someone else was conducting the interview. Yet, in both books, Shatner consistently speaks of himself conducting the interviews personally.

At first, I thought it was just a stylistic choice, but there are one or two interviews which deviate and use the second person. Nichols' comments toward the end of the book, for example, and she references that interview in her book and verifies Shatner conducted it. It makes me wonder if most of the interviews weren't, in fact, conducted by Chris Kreski, or some other third party, and then Shatner claimed credit for them.
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