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Re: Whom Gods Destroy---It's a Bargain!

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. . . Case to point - Dr. Whats-his-name suspended against the wall in the detention area at the beginning of the story. For the first timer watching Trek, it smacks of something extra, a detail that hints at something beyond our ability today, but no issue is made of it in the episode itself.
Two words: Super Velcro!

Another money-saving measure -- they didn't spend a whole lot on fabric for Yvonne Craig's costume.

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The Orion makeup caused lots of problems because Yvonne Craig, as Marta, had to keep touching Shatner's face and uniform but not leave behind green streaks. They tried about three types of green makeup during the filming, but each one photographed very differently, making continuity and editing extremely tricky.
Yvonne tells the story that the makeup artists ended up using spray-on liquid bandage to keep the green makeup from rubbing off on everything she touched. When she sweated under the hot studio lights, the stuff melted and formed cobwebby strings. In the scene where she's dragged out into the planet's poisonous atmosphere and she's pleading for her life with arms outstretched, it looked like green moss was growing from her armpits! Fortunately it didn't show up on film.

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Also love that Garth wears one gold boot and one silver boot. And watch his ring explode and fly off his finger during a tantrum!
He also wears his long coat with one arm in the sleeve and the other side draped over his shoulder, further reinforcing the impression of an unbalanced mind. Or maybe he's trying to start a new fashion.
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