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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

I think that Microsoft is becoming more anti-consumer, more then they are already, which will, eventually, bite them in the rear.

I have a XBOX Live account, which I haven't updated in a while. My e-mail address has changed. I don't remember the password nor the security question. So, I attempted to recover my account, which ended in failure as I didn't provide them enough information.

They want me to provide information on my e-mails - the subject of each - and the people I sent my e-mails to. I have never used the service to send e-mails. And, I feel this is an intrusion into my privacy.

There is no contact phone number to speak to a representative. They suggest talking to other people who have similar issues on their forums. How could these people help me when they don't know me?

I think the corporation believes that the consumers serve them, and not the other way around. When the time comes for my account to be automatically deducted from our bank account, I am placing an automatic block on the payment.
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