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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Perhaps it was me being young when we had the first "oversaturation" of star trek, but looking back, I thought that was Star Trek's golden age. We were getting movies, a quality series that was about to end, and a series that was getting really good in it's second season. I loved Star Trek during that time and thought it was just cool to be a Star Trek fan at 11 years old.

As for now, it's not me being burnt out on Trek, but more I've been doing other things. I've been busy and I'm not going to sit down and watch Star Trek all night long. Also, remember when Season 3 came out, people were going through it at a very quick pace and I even mentioned as a Sports fan there was Baseball and Hockey that I would have rather watched.

I'm going slow on star trek not because of burn out, but because I just feel like it. TNG will always be there, and Season 4 doesn't come out until July 30th anyway.

I also think one thing I have noticed is it seems like there isn't much anticipation for Season 4. Maybe it's the lack of news, or lack of Fathom saying anything about a theater event, but after the movie and now that we're getting out of that period, things are calming down.

Speaking of which, Aatrek and FrontierTrek, any Season 4 news, updates of special features, anything to whet the appatite for the Season 4 release? I'm starting to think we're not having a theater event, which will be a shame. However, by now we would have had more developments as to what to expect on the special features. I think this season will feature the arts department (Since season 3 featured the writing). I really hope one of the features in the future is a reunion of the composers doing the music for the series. It's stuff like that which I find fascinating, and basically, I'm just thirsting for Season 4 news at this point.
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