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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Tallguy - I'm no expert but I can offer some tips based on my workflow

If you use Lightwave there are 3 options:
1. Eyeballing it and intuition. Photography experience helps.
2. Camera Match plugin in the Worley Taft library can work but the workflow is slow as you must type in the x,y positions.
3. Fi's CMatch plugin which is interactive and the one I'm using currently (and it's free).

The plugins work the same way: You give it a model and match vertices on the model to the reference points (or landmarks) on the photograph.

I have a "Match" layer which has a simplified mesh that has vertices that stand in for visual landmarks on the hull like the nacelle cap holders, the nacelle cap tips, the navigation lights, corners of the hull, tips of the domes. That greatly simplifies which point to grab and align with. In the regular view, I leave it showing Vertices and that gives me feedback on how the alignment is going.

Some pictures are harder to align than others, especially if they were cropped and placed in at a different position since the program expects the center point (and thus perspective) to be at the center. Some other pictures might have lens distortion which also make it challenging.

For the Klingon battlecruiser, I'd recommend building from a base. Pick something that is rectangularish, match to it and then build the mesh outward from it and refine it with reference shots from other angles.

Say does Petri have data for his matching? Or contact info? I'd love to compare notes!

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