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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

The average Christian is in no way a 'Bible thumper', but Pat Robertson surely is.

They only represent about 10% of Christians in America, but they're out there, protesting at gay funerals, giving large sums of money to pass laws to persecute any form of behavior they disagree with, and doing everything up to holding their breath to keep evolution and sex education out of school textbooks.

And it's ridiculous for normal Christians to have to answer for them, but you must understand that people who grew up in America not believing in God faced a whole lot of judgment and hatred from that 10% who will insist as if common knowledge that anybody who doesn't get their morality from God is inherently selfish and depraved.

There's being tolerant and then there's tolerating hateful, destructive behavior that negatively impacts peoples' freedom and security. Just know that you are in no way the target when people use the term 'Bible thumper', and you probably dislike the people who are the targets as much as we do.
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