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Re: What's Up with the Warp Core (SPOILERS Into Darkness)

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So they are more effective when the warp engines are also online. This might explain why the 1701-D's nacelles were always on.
No -- just because warp engines can be used as mass-reduction fields, that doesn't mean they automatically reduce mass. We're talking about two different spacetime metrics (i.e. shapes for the fabric of space) here. A warp field would be a pretty severe distortion of the shape of spacetime, akin to a very large, dense, and quite oddly shaped body comprising positive and negative mass. A mass-reduction field would be a flattening-out of spacetime, a cancellation of the spacetime distortion created by the mass of the ship. So the same technology is needed to make them both, but that technology is being applied in very different ways. A warp engine could have its field configuration tuned to have a mass-reduction effect, but then it wouldn't be tuned for warp drive.

However, the very term "impulse engine" implies propulsion via Newton's third law.
I always thought it meant they were a type of nuclear pulse propulsion.
Which are an example of propulsion via Newton's third law, i.e. reaction thrust.

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But you'd still need some kind of secondary propulsion system based on conventional thrust. An Alcubierre-type warp field could only take you in a preferred direction if you had already thrust your ship in that direction before you engaged it.
Really ? Again, I was under the impression that the Alcubierre drive actually moved the space around the ship.
My understanding is that the directionality of the field is unpredictable unless you already have a motion vector (although relative to what is the question). I'm afraid I can't remember where I read it, though, and I'm having no luck tracking it down with a keyword search.
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