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Re: The TOS Recreation Room(s) Sets

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I like to think the ship had a number of recreation rooms or more accurately crew lounges as well as a main recreation room as seen in third season. Similar it's easy to believe the ship has more than one six-man transporter since we've seen the set dressed differently a number of times.

Yes, although I don't think the ship has, like, 30 different transporter rooms, and 5 different engineering rooms, three different briefing rooms, two different auxillary contol rooms, two different anti-grav/pressure chambers, and four different sickbays. It sounds like it migh become a ship that only has enough room for all the different permutations of every set we saw and no space left for all the stuff we didn't see.

I don't know if "crew lounge" actually is more accurate a term. I've never seen a script (or characters) call them that--only "Recreation Room."
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