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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

I can sympathise with that. I was doing a DS9 rewatch last year with my mum (who couldnt remember having watching it before) and even though we were enjoying it very much we went through it too fast watching nothing but DS9 for nearly half a year. By the time we reached season four we were oversated on DS9 and so reluctant to watch more that we ended up watching a wide variety of movies under the guise of 'just having a break' from DS9 and we have yet to return to our rewatch.

I have started alternating my Enterprise viewing with a rewatch of Criminal Minds. Since their quite different tv shows hopefully this will prevent me form becoming oversated on one show. I was quite enjoying hearing your opinion on Farscape so will look forward to when you get back into it but dont rush yourself on other peoples account if you dont feel like continuing to watch it just yet
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