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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

The New Voyages/Phase II feels like fanfic to me (which it is, of course, only in a visual medium). Star Trek Continues feels like it actually could have been a TOS episode. Just a touch of polish to the script and slip in the original cast in their prime and I think it would have fit right in.

Of course we don't know yet where this series will go, but there are some things I certainly don't want to see as well as some I'd like to see in subsequent episodes.

- We've had a nice little bridging story and revisited a past character (Apollo) so now please leave it at that. I now hope they do fresh stories and avoid the TOS alumni type casting the way TNV/P2 is doing.
- While I would welcome an action oriented story akin to "The Doomsday Machine" or "The Ultimate Computer" it's the thoughtful and dramatic stories I like most. So, please, lets see some variety.
- Please, no parachuting in TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT aliens and concepts. Lets continue as if none of that has happened yet. That most certainly applies to the Borg, the Ferengi, The Cardassians, the Breen and whatever else. Don't feel beholden to what was done after TOS/TAS/TMP.
- Please, no more time travel stories.
- If Klingons and/or Romulans are done again I hope it's more than just run-of-the-mill ship battle stuff. "Balance Of Terror," "Errand Of Mercy," "The Enterprise Incident" and "Day Of The Dove" were good and entertaining stories with these enemy aliens and are good examples of how to use them. I really hope they can avoid characters like TNV's Commander Karg who I didn't find convincing in the least. Good villains need to be more than cliches and caricatures.
- I admit it was kinda cool seeing Lt. Arex put into live-action in Phase II so I'm not really averse to seeing that again. It certainly opens up possibilities in terms of other TAS aliens as long as it works in a believable way. Seeing an Andorian Starfleet officer named Thelin would be a nice little tie-in to TAS' "Yesteryear" and given that Spock and Kirk would be the only ones to have a clue as to who he is and who he was in the altered timeline. It would also be cool to see a Skorr and/or a Phylosian done live-action if at all possible without looking goofy.
- New ship designs. I admit I'd love a chance to pitch some ideas here, but ultimately it would be cool if we could see some other Starfleet ships both past and present.
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