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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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I was not being sarcastic in my question. (I am incapable of being sarcastic.) I was asking a fact finding question. I have read threads on this site where fans attempted to reconstruct the layout of the older ships, especially the Enterprise, using what was given. I was thinking that my question would lead to this discussion.

As for the weapons bay thing, maybe, I should have been clearer. The weapons bay is on either side of the warp reactor core.On the old Enterprise, the warp reactor core is several decks down from the torpedo bays.
King Daniel made this helpful graphic of the Enteprise layout:

While I have to admit that I still do not care for the Brewery used as an engine room (but I will live with it!), I thank King Daniel for this graphic (and for you reposting it, Locutus. The other issue I had with the engineering sets (especially the one seen in the 'chase scenes' over the catwalks that are suspended over the tops of the tanks) was that the secondary hull wasn't large enough to contain all these expansive areas. Carefully considering this graphic has made me finally appreciate how much larger the jjprise is, and that Engineering can contain such large sets (even if I still don't care for the sets themselves. Thank you, King Daniel!
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