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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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Today is the 12th anniversary of this game. Made me believe someone could knock off the Lakers.
Ahhhh, this brings back fond memories. My supervisor at the time was from Philly and was a diehard Sixer fan, He talked and talked after this game. I told him he should keep talking (at least until game 2) because there was no way the Lakers would lose the series. I had no idea they would sweep after this game, winning all 3 in Philly.

This game was a fluke, owing to the Lakers having had something like 2 weeks off before the game. The only thing this game did was stop the Lakers from becoming the first team to sweep the playoffs. But the loss in game 1 did ensure that people would stop talking about losing the sweep, so the timing was not too bad for that purpose. BTW, the Lakers had to settle for "just" the all time best playoff winning percentage.

Iverson was on fire in this game. Had he shot like this more than once in a blue moon, he actually might have deserved that MVP trophy.

Sorry Alidar, old wounds.
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