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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

I saw (deep breath) X-Men Origins: Wolverine for the first time yesterday. Ouch. Regardless of all the continuity/adaptation issues, it just felt like a really cheap film. And very badly acted, the tone was set straight off when Wolverine's Mother reacts to the death of her husband and her lover plus her son growing claws by going "What are you?" with all the emotion of a bored newsreader looking at an Autocue.

And what was going on with Jackman's hair? No attempt at the "Wolverine" cut, instead it just looked... well like he was worth it.

I've not seen First Class yet, but I can't see any way either it or the forthcoming film could be worse. Hell, even the poor old The Wolverine (which people only seem to be excited about as an extended trailer for Days of Future Past) will have to try really hard to be as poor.

And I speak as someone with the sad, lonely taste of actually quite liking the third one. Or at least, I put it on the same level as the first (both harmless fun, both haven't aged very well compared to the rush of big budget superhero films we've had in the years since), and certainly think it's a better movie than the Superman film Singer went to make instead.

At the moment, at least until I sit down and watch First Class at some point over the next week, I think the second one is still the only flat out brilliant X-Men film, none of the others have really come close (despite, as said, still having a fondness the two round it).
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