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Re: Whom Gods Destroy---It's a Bargain!

BillJ wrote: View Post
Maybe Harvey has the budget for this episode and how it compares to other third season outings?
My hunch is its budget was really no different for "Gods" than all the other episodes. "Wink of an Eye" "Gideon," and "Battlefield" are pretty cheap, too. But as long as you do your entire show (or a vast majority of it) on standing sets without much new decoration, you probably don't notice it. But if the whole episode takes place off the ship, you don't get to save the money that you usually get to. That is to say, so much of Wink, and Gideon, and Battlefield are reused from earlier episodes: it's just recycling that same ol' bridge and same ol' sickbay, and those same ol' red and gold and blue uniforms. How often have we seen that bridge before? El cheap-o.
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