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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

The Heat seemed to leave their game on the floor of game 7 against the Pacers. They ran out of steam at the end of the 3rd quarter and the wiley Spurs, knowing game 1 of a 7 game series is the one that can be stolen most easily.

Now once again we get to see the 2-3-2 effect in action. I'm assuming the Heat will win game 2 and the series will go to SA tied. SA has taken the "HCA" or so it appears. But to fully take advantage of it, they must defeat the Heat 3 times in a row. Even at home that is a daunting task. I simply cannot see the Spurs beating the Heat 3 times in a row. But if they dont, the Spirs will have to beat the Heat twice on the road with one of the games likely a decision game (game 6). Now Dallas did just that two seasons ago, but that was a different heat team.

Taking HCA in the 2-2-2 just ain't what it was in the 221111.

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Tim Duncan isn't just a Top 50. He should be a Top 10.

Jordan, Magic, Byrd, Wilt, Robertson, and Kareem are really the only players I'd put above him. There's an argument for Karl Malone, but the sheer efficiency and performance when it matters that Duncan brings to the table puts him ahead. I'd honestly put him above Shaq and that says quite a lot (Shaq is hurt by his poor freethrow performance).
I'm not sure about that top 10 designation, I'd have to think about that. Although I think Karl Malone and Kevin McHale were technically "better" players. If I had one game or even a series I wanted to win, I'd take Timmie at 4 over either of those guys.

Every time I hear someone state that they'd take Tim over Shaq, it just makes me shake my head. This is Shaq's fault. Had he been as dedicated to his body and his overall game, there is no way anyone would even mention him and Tim in the same breath. As slovenly as he was, no one was as dominant as Shaq on offense in his prime. Shaq could have been just as domiant on defense but conceded that part of the game to guys like Timmie, who deserves credit for realizing that basketball is more than just scoring. BTW, Timmie's freethrow shooting was almost as bad as Shaq's.

BTW, your top 5 is lame without Kobe, the most domiant offensive player of his generation. Byrd -- Ha! Though I love the guy and think he is a great player, I wouldn't take him over Hakeem Olajuwan or Bill Russell.
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