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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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"Bible thumpers" was among a few of the responses on this thread. Interesting label that says much. Does tolerance only apply to some and not to others?
Whoever told you that indiscriminate tolerance is the highest of values?

As far as political ideologies or philosophies are concerned, I know of none that explicitly elevate tolerance of ignorance to a virtue.

I'm not talking about IDIC, but about ideologies that actually exist and matter.
I found the remark curious. I have read of tolerance on this site as it applies to opinion and various episodes. It struck me as as curious remark given what I have read over time. Beyond that, nobody ever told me, nor would I be given to accepting, that tolerance was the highest of values.

Admiral, it seems that my one little point of interest has bothered you. Please do not take it for any more than it was meant to be. I get that you are opinionated, confident and smart...and all of that. In fact I respect it, along with your well taken points.

So enjoy the ride.

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