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Re: Model Painting tip request

Oh, it's been a long time. IIRC, I got good results using Tamiya paints. Then again, I was using an airbrush. Their acrylic enamels were easy to dilute with water than the oil-based paints with thinner. I do believe, however, that Tamiya has a line of small spray cans that may work better than Testors, although I've never used them myself. Simply judging based on my experience with the brand in other mediums. I believe Testors also has acrylic enamels and, arguably, a more diverse selection of colors than Tamiya, but that could be left to debate. Again, my knowledge is a bit dated, and there may have been improvements in paint quality over the years. I would almost recommend trying different types of spray paint on scraps of plastic or cheap throw-away snap-tite models to see what gives you the most closely desired result.

In case you're interested here is some of my work from many years ago. The first one shows the Hawk model I mentioned earlier.
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