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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

That Mighty Avengers lineup is interesting in that it seems to solely be wanting to spotlight, or just use, characters that are modestly used or severely unused as of late.

Mighty Avengers
Luke Cage (original Power Man)
Spiderman (Ockversion)
She-Hulk (green)
Power Man (I know nothing of him, I'm guessing he took the name but his powers aren't identical to Cage, right?)
Blue Marvel (never realized how much like DC's Dr.Fate he resembles)
White Tiger (is this still actual tiger,the one the High Evolutionary transformed some time back)
Monica Rambeau (the one time Captain Marvel II, what name is she now using? Photon, Pulsar..I lost track)

That article does not mention Ronin or Rambeau at all and yet they are pictured.
So who is Ronin?
Also, Walters is in her more commonly used purple/white spandex outfit, not her Future Foundation one? She leaving that team for this? Double Duty? If Spidey and Wolverine can swing then why not She-Hulk I say.

I may try this just for the sheer uniqueness of it.
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