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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

Uh-uh. Sorry, but one person here used the phrase "appeasing the bible thumpers" in passing while discussing GR's genuflection toward belief in a 1960s TV show, and AtoZ chose to inaccurately describe that as "among a few of the responses." There's no basis in what Zameaze or I posted for deciding that anyone was "lumping all Christians together" with the "extremists," nor any excuse for AtoZ being victimy about it.

"Bible thumper" is most commonly defined as someone who is aggressive in imposing Christianity on others or uses biblical literalism to attack and condemn people. You know what? I don't like bible thumpers. I have no patience with the several who approach me on the street to proselytize, as they frequently do in the commercial downtown blocks of my neighborhood. You can call that a slam on "all Christians" if you like, but it's not. It is, however, the truth.

TREK_GOD_1 is entirely wrong, BTW, in suggesting that Braga misrepresented Roddenberry's expressed opinions about religion during the time that they would have worked together on TNG. GR was not at all shy about expressing his complete disdain for all forms of religious belief and practice during that period of his life. Trying to drag the "Braga is suspect" meme into this discussion is a non-starter.

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