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Re: The Black Hole Remake

Yeah, The Black Hole does come into this category. It was a very dark story - I mean the Cygnus crew had basically been lobotomised and turned into mindless slaves. Some found VINCENT and Old BOB to be cutesy robots, but they served a purpose, and were a contrast to the silent and intimidating Maximilian.

As a kid I was confused by the fact that near the climax they were floating in space with no ill effects - wasn't until the novelisation that I found that the Cygnus's gravity shield also held in the atmosphere - would have made more sense if a couple of lines of dialogue had mentioned that!

Another thing that bothered me was they had to use computer records to recognise the Cygnus. She was the only ship of her kind, sent on a grand mission, and Booth even covered her launch - her identity should have been fairly obvious to everyone.
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