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Re: Do turbolifts have any sense?

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Let's see, what's the difference between having more corridors, and more staircases instead of a turbolift shaft?

Wouldn't a corridor and more corridors and staircase(s) take up space as well?

Your reasoning is non sequitor. You are saying that turbolift shafts take up space, but to replace them by corridors which also take up space.
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You may have misunderstood that drawing... Here's the same trip you tried to plot, using brown for the corridors and blue for the turbolifts. You can see the turbolift is a way more direct route. To go on foot, you have to cut through the Rec Deck! It seems like, at least on this version, the designers are assuming that turbolifts are the primary means of moving around on the ship.

Personally, while I have no problem with the idea of turbolifts, I've always felt they were a little excessive with the horizontal shafts, as pictured here. The ships were large, but not THAT large. We weren't talking miles of walking. In my mind they didn't have more than a couple horizontal shafts per deck, and the crew did have to do some walking to get to where they were going. (Emergency situations, and the captain could be given the privilage of shorter walks due to more convenient drop-offs.) As mentioned, the bigggest issue would be the vertical travel.
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