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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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The Stargate shows were flashy, fun, and mediocre. They came and went without making a real impact on anything, despite generating an inordinate number of hours of television.

I daresay that Abrams has never made anything as negligible as Stargate.
And JJ Trek is telling deep stories? They're flashy, mediocre action movies with a little sci fi that don't even impact themselves. Stargate had great stories and memorable characters.

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Yeah, Abrams should reboot Firefly.

He and Whedon would actually get on really well.
Except Whedon likes story and good characters in most of his stuff, especially if he makes it. I doubt he'd want to see Mal played by the guy from Scott Pilgrim and acting like the bearded guy from the hangover, which is probably what JJ would go with.
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