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Re: Klingons in STID--why do they look like [SPOILERS]?

True racial equality, to me, is not how it was perceived in Star Trek, by making a point of the altruistic nature of actively ignoring ethnic differences and crowing about how they have an "evolved sensibility", but rather how it was perceived in the original series Battlestar Galactica.

In TOS BSG, you had two black officers, one Colonel Tigh, second-in-command of a massive warship, and the other Lt. Boomer, a capable pilot and tech-head, both seamlessly interacted with the rest of the crew and performing heroic acts without the slightest hint of preachy implication that this is how the audience should act as well. They just...were...and nobody made the slightest attempt at treating them any different from any of the other characters in the show, and were deemed just as important to the fabric of the plot without having it pointed out, "HEY! These guys are an equal part of the crew too!" like was seen so many times in Trek ad nasium. To me, that was a truly color-blind universe and is something we should strive for. Ironically, the almost century-old TV Show "Little Rascals" also showed the white kids hanging out with the black kids without giving any thought to ethnic concerns or differences - this, during a time of heavy segregation where people were still alive in America who were veterans of the Civil War!

There was a great line in G.I. Jane that I think fits the paradigm, when she's in the Commandant's office saying she's not there to "make statements" about becoming a Navy SEAL and get through the training, unassisted, like "everyone else". He responds, "If you were like everyone else, lieutenant, I suspect we wouldn't be making statements about not making statements, would we?"
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