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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

Opus wrote: View Post
Jellico was a dick.

But, he was a dick who was also in command of the Enterprise.

Jellico was right, and Riker was not. Yes, Riker dressed him down off the record quite well. But he was still wrong for not following orders and implementing Jellico's directives.
As stated in the episode, billions of lives were at stake if the Federation got pulled into a war with the Cardies. Jellico had experience with them and Riker did not. Jellico was an experienced captain and Riker was not. Jellico was the right person for the mission and Riker was not. Riker was written as whiny and, had he been written more in-character, he would've realized the importance of the mission, the nature and magnitude of the threat, and that his place was supporting the best person for the job.
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post
Jellico = A non-alcoholic Col Tigh?

To me Jellico seemed like a man commanding a military vessel. Big mistake, in Star Trek.
In this mission, the ship was a military vessel. Using your logic, he was the best man for this job.
Mysterion wrote: View Post
Jellico was correct in his actions. With the exception of Data, the regular crew acted unprofessionally and childishly. Especially Riker. How he eventually got command of his own ship after having turned-down multiple previous opportunities AND acting the way he did in the episode is beyond me. If this is the way Starfleet is being run, they deserve to get their asses handed to them by the Cardassians, Borg, or whomever else goes for it.
Riker's leadership abilities were just written poorly for this episode.
BillJ wrote: View Post
Jellico was simply right.

He was preparing the Enterprise to go to war and didn't have time to hold anyone's hand. The crew were suppose to be professionals yet they came off as unable to show any type of flexibility. Much what many people blame Jellico for.
Exactly. He was quite cordial until the crew acted unprofessionally. In this situation, his response was fully appropriate. As he told Deanna, he didn't have the time for a honeymoon with the crew. He showed tremendous leadership in a very tough situation. And, he was right.
Captain McBain wrote: View Post
I don't hate Jellico, either, but he could've been a tad more 'human.' I wonder if he acted that way all the time or only specifically during critical missions. I also think that Jellico would've loved a shipful of Datas!
He displayed real leadership in a difficult situation. He was humanized in a few scenes prior to his having to deal with Riker's whining: his intro to Will (or do you prefer William?), his child's drawing that he shared with Deanna (IIRC), etc. His job was to prevent a war. An all out WAR! And he did successfully.
Pondwater wrote: View Post
I don't think he was meant to be a Captain (even if it was temporary) of the Federation Flagship. Riker had it spot on when he told Jellico off.

Although, I think differently if it were a combat situation.
Jellico was there to prevent a combat situation.
Melakon wrote: View Post
I felt that Jellico was sort of a control freak who wanted to be surrounded by yes men validating his decisions. He didn't seem receptive to suggestions after having made up his mind how to proceed. It may have just been due to the urgency of this particular mission, else it's doubtful he could have gotten to where he was in Starfleet.
It's called being an autocratic leader. And this is exactly the time and place to employ such a leadership tactic.
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