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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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You're very succinct @Admiral Buzzhill but would you feel as if you are beating a dead horse if I asked you to expand and share more of your opinion. Did you also see the movie on IMAX? Maybe you saw STID in 2D as I seem to be the only one who had trouble seeing what I wanted to see (physical touches) in that format.
look here:

glad I haven't imagined it
Yep---I wonder if others who watched in 2D saw this or missed it same as me.... I did not see anything except Uhura comfortingly squeeze Kirk's shoulder---which I thought was so lovely!!

If I had come away from the movie the 1st time seeing this hand-holding---Uhura touching Spock's tummy---and other instances discussed---I would have been cool about things---until this thread I wasn't even going to see the movie a 2nd time. This is the intimacy I thought should be there and mistakenly thought wasnt. I think I have now watched this clip like 20 times ---as if something else is going to happen...LOL
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