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Re: I've started hating the word "rehash"...

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The evidence is the countless series/sub-genres that had been blemished with mediocre or moderate success until that one break-out smash comes a long.
And I think that JJ Abrams' Trek are those breakouts. The mediocrity was the preceding films, and these are the ones that stand out. These are the ones that changed the formula to draw more people in, and we saw what can be achieved with them. When the 3rd one comes along, it's not likely to be a radical departure from that unless it's a new creative team.

This really isn't true at all and just makes you sound a little disgruntled.
Not at all. And it is true. Star Trek couldn't even find its way back until Star Wars paved the way by showing that space opera could be popular. But for as much as Star Trek tried to capitalize on it, they just couldn't be as successful or as ingrained in pop culture. There was still a place for it to be sure, and I love Star Trek and have always been more fond of it than Star Wars (which I also love), but there's a time to be honest in that Star Wars has had the upper hand ever since it came out.

And regardless of the quality of the first two movies, picking the most mediocre outing of Episode II, Star Trek still can't aspire to reach that level, and it probably never will. And that doesn't bother me, it's just the truth.

As a rule (there are exceptions of course), sequels always track better than their predecessors.
That's not a rule at all. For just as many movies you presented I could easily come up with a list of movies that tracked worse, and they're not just exceptions.

There are no guarantees except for maybe in the case of the biggest of blockbuster hits, which are coincidentally pretty much all that was on your list. Star Trek is not one of those, so it's going to have to work harder to achieve more, as is shown by STID.

It doesn't have to be. If a third film can match ST09's domestic take, STiD's international take, and increase both by about 15%, then it's suddenly treading in mega-blockbuster territory.
I guess you and I have different ideas of what constitutes a mega blockbuster. I think it's a lot more than just another 15% of the best of both worlds.
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