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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

^^^ There are rumors right now that they are, just not substantiated yet, as I guess they were only a little less stupid than Microsoft for not admitting to them in their release announcement that happened a month or so before.

This is the way of the future. They want to know things about you, ostensibly to ensure their flavor of DRM, as well as to know what kind of adverts to waste your time with based on behavioral patterns and other discernible biometrics. Sony won't want to be left behind on this. And don't nobody tell me these things won't be tied into Prism, now that we know it's been a reality for years and would be perfectly suited for gathering biometric datapoints. For all we know, R&D on this kind of technology was subsidized by various agencies to build in those humint gathering hooks from the get-go. It's no longer good old paranoia when it's real... Kinda makes me pine for the quaint old days of warrantless wiretapping back in the Bush years...

Shit, all these Orwellian shenanigans might actually help boost the sales of the poor old struggling Wii platform! Who'da thunk it?
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