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Re: Model Painting tip request

IMO, a spray can would be way too heavy-handed for models that small. You'll likely wind up overspraying in parts and getting drops of excess paint killing the detail. You're better off using a double-action airbrush. The paint flow is easier to control and you will get a nicer sheen to the paint than with a spray can. It still won't be chrome-like, but it will be close.

Now, I've been out of the modelling game for a very long time, but I remember back in the 80's and 90's that many metal-colored paints, like silver or gold, particularly by Testors, never fully dries. I remember coming across a model I made almost 20+ years ago of a Hawk fighter/interceptor from Space: 1999. I rubbed my fingers on the engine bells that I painted silver, and the paint actually rubbed off as if it was still relatively fresh. For some reason, it never fully bonded with the plastic like a proper enamel. I don't know if this is still the case, but if you paint something all-metallic, handle it with care, or you might end up getting visible fingerprint markings all over the finish. So, yes, as E-DUB says, give it a nice shot of Testers gloss-cote once it's relatively well-dried. Again, it will never give you a true chrome effect, but it will protect your finished model from touch-damage.
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