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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Bride of Frankenstein: I saw Frankenstein last year and the sequel last night. I liked that it picked up right where the first one left off. I also liked the openning narration with Mary Shelly (they even used her maiden name) but I never liked her message about "playing god". There's a good point in there about not tampering with what you don't fully understand, but the message often sounds like an argument against power and knowledge. Kudos to Elsa Lanchester for playing both Mary Shelly and The Bride by the way. Speaking of the bride, her being another monster intended for the original makes the title seem a bit forced, but it's understandable for marketing purposes.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: I couldn't help but notice a certain actress's legs as she walked in short shorts, so I had to look her up. Sure enough, I found a name… Julie Adams, and the IMDb had this to say…

Universal publicity in the '50s claimed that her legs won an award as "the most perfectly symmetrical in the world" and that they were insured for $125,000.
So I'm not the only one.

Never heard of her before last night either. She's still alive and it turns out I've seen her on a number of shows like Sliders, Beverly Hills, 90210 and Lost.

As for the movie itself, the underwater scenes were well shot and the creature, while not menacing enough by today's standards, was still a little scary. Felt sorry for him at the end though. It was a good reminder of how we can often judge by appearance and misunderstand. The creature also reminded me of the Antedeans from TNG.
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