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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness


It’s not that Gary Mitchell wouldn’t be a retread, but rather that given what was known at the time (the bad guy is more than human), my preferred option for villains would have put Gary Mitchell over Khan. In general, my preferences would have been:
1. New opposing force/issue (not necessarily a “villain”)
2. New villain
3. New take on Gary Mitchell based on new timeline
4. Innovative version of Khan based on new timeline
5. Khan as we have seen him before

I think the movie falls in with #5.

But good point on 2233, we don’t know what everything looked like exactly. At best we have what they looked like in “The Cage” circa 2254. I guess I would anticipate that engineering/starship design would not change so significantly in 20 years that the Kelvin’s bridge, engineering/shuttle bays, the weapons, etc. would look so different. As I said originally, I think it would have been a better choice to show the Kelvin much more like the TOS ships, and thus add impact to the changes in design/technology etc. resulting from the changes in the timeline. It’s an artistic opinion.

“In what way does the screen stuff not support X ?”

I was using it as a general comment on how to interpret the information provided in the movie: do you go with what a character says is going on or do you base your decisions on what is shown on screen? When you replied that some stuff was explained in the movie and that that was the end of the discussion, my point was that if what is portrayed on screen makes no sense can we determine if there is an explanation that is more reasonable, or just chalk it up to bad screenwriting. I would very much appreciate an explanation of the actions of Marcus or Khan that make more sense in the context of what is actually portrayed on screen. Some commenters have provided some good points on other issues, but I still don’t think Marcus’ plan or Khan’s assassination plan made any sense at all. My points 21 and 23.

“He did dick all. Automated repair function could have replaced him.”

I agree totally. The character was poorly written, and any other engineering character could have replaced him. But that further highlights my point on Carol. No one even need replace her. If she did not exist, all the same information would have been conveyed and achievements would have occurred.

It's just a minor nitpick, but it left me wondering, so I pondered alternatives. If you can think of something that makes more sense, please add it (another commenter had posted it might be some kind of nested-sector-based system, which might work). I just wondered why the screenwriters didn't use a coordinate system that either 1) makes some sense based on portraying a location in a 3 dimensional space as large as the galaxy, or 2) used a coordinate system that has already be portrayed in Star Trek.

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