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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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Watched TSFS earlier with my girlfriend and she spotted a plot hole, of sorts - I told her near the end of the film that Spock's homeworld was one of the main Federation planets, and she asked how the Enterprise crew got to land on Vulcan without being arrested by the Feds for terrorism offences, let alone walk about freely to watch a religious ceremony...
What terroist offense did they commit?

They were charged with

Theft of Federation Property (USS Enterprise)
Destruction of Federation Property (USS Enterprise)
Sabotage of Federation property (USS Excelsior
Disobeying Starfleet Orders
Assult on Federation Officers (at least 3 counts)

If they had commited a terrorist offense why weren't they charged with one.
Chill, that's just the off-hand comment my girlfriend made when watching the film with me (she literally hadn't seen anything Trek before apart from TWOK and the Abramsverse films), with a hint of sarcasm, I mean in the real world it seems like nearly everything criminal is a terrorism offence these days. We haven't gotten to watching, or rewatching in my case, TVH yet.
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