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Re: Model Painting tip request

Mirror-like chrome kinda gold doesn't come from a can. It has to be vacuum deposited by a fancy machine. The best you can do from a can looks like gold with a satin finish, but that polished reflective gold look is unattainable.

Another option is laying down actual metal foil. Lots of craft stores sell a foil material for gold leafing. It's still not as shiny and "polished" looking as the chrome effect on the FC models, but it does shine a bit more than rattlecan gold. On the other hand, it is tricky to use, especially on surface with compound curves like tiny starships. It tend to wrinkle and crack and looks cool for an old-timey "found object" look, but won't probably end up as smooth as you'd want for ships at this scale.

Good luck with your experiments, and, above all, have fun with it!

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