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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Well it's good to be feeling well again and that brings this morning's update while I had a bit of down time

My Enterprise started from Sinclair's blueprints. The only tricky part is the variances I created when trying to match the positions and lines from the pixels of the blueprint. So now I've started to camera match the model from the series filmed time frame to try and make it more accurate.

The ship is still scaled to 1,084'.

The bluish tint Enterprise is my version overlayed onto the reference photos and screenshots:

I also scoured the internet for higher resolution reference shots and ran across BirdOfTheGalaxy's flickr set:

I'll be perusing the HD shots on TrekCore for more shots to refine against. (Tallguy's TOS Catalog was also immensely helpful in locating shots.)

Afterwards, it'll be adding windows and ports.
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